Glass Fiber Boomstick Autococker – White/Gold 15″ .684


New Dye Glass Fiber Barrel. The finest barrel on the market today!

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Product Description

Product Description:

The new DYE GF BoomstickTM is the next evolution of the Legendary Dye barrel lines. Glass Fiber “GF” barrels are constructed using the same proprietary assembly process as our tried & true Carbon Fiber “CF” barrels but make use of our new Glass Fiber “GF” Technology which not only allows for amazing strength and durability, but also allows for complete customization of color. This unique fusion of materials and Dye’s 20 years of barrel experience have produced yet another progression in performance of our barrel line. Just like the “CF Series” barrels, the “GF Series” barrels feature an optimum back length of eight inches allowing the paintball to reach terminal velocity before porting begins to optimize performance. The GF/CF BoomstickTM lines are the most accurate, quiet, and efficient barrels currently available.

Asylum Thoughts:
These new GF Boomsticks are amazing. The color they produce is immaculate and the finish inside the barrel is second to none. Dye barrels are know to be the best in the market and these barrels do nothing to change that opinion. We have shot a few cases thru each one with Marbilizer and Ultra Evil and they are quiet and accurate no matter which paint you choose. The best part of this series is that you can now match your boomsick to match your DM, Rail, Rotor, Pants, Jersey, Packs, and I4 Goggle System. This is a great choice and the barrels are available in .688 and .684.

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